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Finally, an extra eye to help you pay attention to the details.

Efficiently analyze documents, simplify complex tasks, and get instant insights from a chatbot powered by AI.

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Why use Para Law?

Save Time

Save your valuable time by getting answers to your legal questions in seconds. Time is money.

Get Answers

Get the most accurate information by leveraging advanced algorithmic vector cosine similarity search. Find the needles in your haystack.

Subject Matter Expert

Para Law tailors AI to your specific domain, optimizing its performance and relevance to the area of expertise you need.

Reduce Noise

Minimize biases ("BS") in research with a chatbot educated with carefully selected source material.

24/7 Availability

Other assistants still need to eat, sleep, and take "bio breaks." So lazy!

Easy to Use

Drag, drop and chat. Like magical presto - let's go!

How to use Para Law

When we first began building and testing Para Law, the primary goal was simple. Create an AI super associate lawyer who performs at 100% peak performance 24/7 365 on all tasks and delivers it all in minutes. The resulting time savings for any lawyer using Para Law is absolutely a game changer and is a significant cost savings for the clients as well! Para Law levels the legal playing field for small to medium-sized firms competing against national and international law firms for such a super star associate.

Para Law increases efficiency, productivity and most importantly time savings for you so that you can spend more time with family and loved ones, which is, to me, the biggest benefit. From lawyer to lawyer, I invite you to sign up for Para Law and enjoy the good life.

Young Park
26 Year Practicing Attorney &
CEO, Para Law

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Para Law is your tailored, and AI-powered, legal chatbot.